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Still life

   Still life by S. Fomenok is an organic extension of landscape painting.

   Many of his still life pictures are painted during plein-air sessions. And as well as in the landscape, the artist reveals a world of infinite colour content, diversity, and poetry. Colour and light, and even the relief of paints form plasticity of items, their poetic essence. Still life with flowers creates emotional and colour impression. And air and colour, smells and sounds of nature blend together with the flowers on the canvas. The paintings of still life by the artist are reflections of the vast world of nature, and their subject world is perceived as a part of a broader pattern of life outside the canvas, with a variety of colours and sounds, and lyric melody sounds, and the image of a joyful excited state of mind is created.

   Still life painting by the artist is plein-air and their sculpture and pictorial perception is natural, the same as timbre of voice is. Colour in his still life is full of organic sense of light and air environment, where things live. So the artist always cares about colour, tint and purity of paints. He admires the colour combination and the harmony of colours. The artist can’t imagine painting without the beauty of colour and plasticity, without the poetic expression of his personal spiritual thoughts and feelings. The examples of these still life pictures are: "Evening in the Studio", "Still Life with Apples", "Cornflowers and Camomile", "Poppies", "Peonies on the Window", "Still Life in the Garden," "Pussy-willow in Blossom", "Irises", "Roses", "Still Life with Ash-berry", "Spring Still Life", ‘‘Lilac in Bloom".

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