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   As a talented painter, S.Fomenok draws nudity as well. The traditional motive of the world realistic art such as the beauty of a female body cannot but excite the artist. There is nothing more beautiful in painting, but nothing is harder than drawing a naked model. Portraying nudity, he is always looking for composition, which expresses the poetic spiritual and lyrical sense of the picture: "Reclining Model", "New Day’s Morning", "Charm", "Morning Toilet", "Nude in the Countryside».

   S.Fomenok is passionate about painting, the painting which is emotional, full of life's experiences. And nude, her musicality, lyricism, poetry - it is life itself, which the artist feels delicate and depicts. The pictures with nudity confirms once again the principle thought of the artist that beauty lies in the simple and natural things, in the beauty of life itself, a striking example of which is the nude female model.

Gallery - NUDE