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"...see and feel the flow of time"


Artist Stanislav Fomenok

1941          - He was born in Ukraine, the city of Nikopol. Stanisla Fomenok

1958-1966  - in the art school. - Dnepropetrovsk.

1966-1972  -  at the Academy of Arts in Kiev. Ukraine.

1972-1996  -  participation in numerous group exhibitions.

In 1985      -   she was awarded the honorary title "Honored Artist of Ukraine".

1996          -  Visit to the Federal Republic of Germany Member of the Federal Association of Artist Artists BRD

1997          -  Leasehold International Society of Fine Arts 1972-2014 Thirteen artist artist's exhibitions

   In his work, the artist follows the realistic traditions of world culture. He works in the field of paintings of motifs, a landscape painting, a still-life and a portrait. His paintings depict the sun, the earth, the garden and people who live in harmony with nature. His work is characterized by high professionalism. This reflects the bright, poetic, life-affirming worldview of the artist.


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